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Prior to the auction

  1. Request a copy of the contracts /conditions of sale from the solicitor with carriage of sale of the property. Have your own solicitor read through it if you have any queries. Alternatively your own solicitor can request this information for you.
  1. Have an Engineer/Surveyor check out the property on your behalf.
  1. If you are getting a loan make sure you have this in writing from your lending institution. If you are not in a position to close the sale, you are liable to lose your deposit.

On the day of the auction

  1. If you are the successful purchaser, you will be obliged to sign the contract immediately and pay 10% of the purchase price. This contract is binding and is not subject to any conditions such as loan approval or engineers report, all this must be in place before the auction.
  1. No Agreement shall exist between the Vendor and the Purchaser relating to the sale of the property until such time as the agreement has been signed by the Vendor and a full deposit paid as provided in the agreement.
  1. This deposit is to be paid in the form of a bank draft or personal cheque which should be made payable to O’Donnellan & Joyce Auctioneers. Please note if you are paying by personal cheque, a photo ID will be required on the day. Proof of funds may also be asked for.

Please be aware this 10% deposit is a non-refundable deposit

  • The closing date will be included on the contract. If the closing date is not suitable please discuss a change of date with the solicitor before signing the contract.
  • The under bidder should leave his name and contact details with the auctioneer, just in case any difficulty arises with the sale to the highest bidder.

Please note that in the interest of security all persons entering a property for open viewing will be required to sign their name and phone number on arrival.

For further info contact

Colm O’Donnellan: 087 288 7446

Tony Joyce: 086 252 9110

Anne Harding: 086 817 3335